Unlocking Brunei’s Digital and Diverse Economy

For decades, Brunei Darussalam has enjoyed considerable affluence, thanks to its exports of crude oil and natural gas to resource-hungry neighbours like Japan and India. However, record low oil prices in the last few years have prompted the government to make extensive effort to diversify its economy and encourage more foreign direct investment (FDIs).

BBYB-2Last year’s Borneo Bulletin Yearbook (BBYB) highlighted FDI projects that contributed to diversifying the country’s economy. The BBYB 2019 will turn its attention to the government and private sectors’ efforts to digitalise the economy and transform the country into a physical and digital business gateway to ASEAN.

The content will feature key information about Brunei with special focus on the Halal industry, innovative technology and creative industry, business services, tourism and the oil and gas industry. BBYB 2019 will highlight the government’s role in creating jobs, business opportunities and DARe’s (Darussalam Enterprise) role in stimulating the business ecosystem in Brunei.

This comprehensive guide will include interviews with key government officials, who will give their insights into the country’s economic outlook. Captains of industry from business associations and regulatory bodies will also be sought after for their views on Brunei’s progress. Success stories of foreign direct investors who have established themselves in Brunei will also be examined, providing evidence and incentives for other prospective investors to consider. Local companies who have enjoyed measurable success in their field will also be touched upon.

The First And Only Comprehensive Guide To Brunei Darussalam Since 1993
BBYB is the only yearly publication which would have been in the market for 26 years in 2019. It provides the latest updates on Brunei’s economy, future development plans, business opportunities for local and international companies, latest names and designations of key government personnel, fast facts on population, labour, import/export and gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

• Distributed to readers of the Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata newspapers
• Brunei International Airport
• Hotels
• Government offices, Tourist Information Centres, Embassies and High Commissions of Brunei worldwide, government offices, trade organisations and SMEs
• Foreign missions in the country
• Various Chambers of Commerce, leading travel agents and tour operators in Brunei, including those overseas such as Malaysia and Singapore
• International offices of Royal Brunei Airlines
• Institutes of higher learning, government and private schools

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