Forging Ahead, from Blueprint to Reality

BBYB2018-ABOUT-2Brunei Darussalam continues to make significant headway in its march towards Brunei Vision 2035 with its extensive economic diversification efforts.

The Borneo Bulletin Yearbook (BBYB) 2018 will provide in-depth insights into initiatives implemented by the government supported by the relevant statutory bodies and agencies in collaboration with private sector stakeholders.

BBYB 2018 will explore what makes Brunei such an enticing opportunity for prospective investors, featuring key information about its economy, infrastructure development and primary resources.

This year’s theme will be centred on projects which have come to fruition, transitioning from proposals, Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and contracts to tangible progress.

Top government officials and executives from various companies will share their views on Brunei’s industrial ecosystem, providing expert insights into the state of their respective industries and updates on future development plans.

This year the BBYB celebrates its Silver Jubilee. For 25 years, this annual publication has served as the most comprehensive guide to Brunei, highlighting its economic progress and showcasing innovative local products and initiatives.

The First And Only Comprehensive Guide To Brunei Darussalam Since 1993
BBYB is the only yearly publication which would have been in the market for 25 years in 2018. It provides the latest updates on Brunei’s economy, future development plans, business opportunities for local and international companies, latest names and designations of key government personnel, fast facts on population, labour, import/export and gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

• Distributed to readers of the Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata newspapers
• Brunei International Airport
• Hotels
• Government offices, Tourist Information Centres, Embassies and High Commissions of Brunei worldwide, government offices, trade organisations and SMEs
• Foreign missions in the country
• Various Chambers of Commerce, leading travel agents and tour operators in Brunei, including those overseas such as Malaysia and Singapore
• International offices of Royal Brunei Airlines
• Institutes of higher learning, government and private schools

International Exposure
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