In the intricate mosaic of a nation’s economic and cultural landscape, the creative industry stands as a vibrant palette of innovation and expression. Far beyond mere aesthetic pursuits, a thriving creative sector serves as a catalyst for economic growth and Brunei Darussalam has been investing in the industry’s development to support local talents.


A spectacle of Bruneian digital contents, the Brunei Content Festival (BCF) celebrates the achievements of local content creators, producers, directors and filmmakers. It is hosted annually by the Authority for Infocommunications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI).

The BCF 2023 Awards received 131 entries, of which 96 were deemed to meet the competition’s qualifications and criteria. The BCF 2023 Screening and Exhibition took place from September 8 to 10, showcasing an array of short films, dramas, advertisements, and music videos by local talents. Industry experts shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences, enriching participants with insights cultivated throughout their careers during the event.

The much-anticipated BCF 2023 Awards Night unfolded on September 12, marking a celebratory conclusion to this grand event.

In addition to celebrating the achievements of content creators, BCF also strives to foster the development of high-quality digital content with commercial viability, suitable for distribution on television, Over-the- Top (OTT) providers such as RTBGo, Progresif Media, as well as social media and other digital platforms. The event serves as a cornerstone of developing the creative landscape in Brunei.

Recognising the crucial role of public viewership in supporting the local content industry, AITI also introduced the portal in September 2023. This online platform enables local production companies and freelances to showcase their portfolios and expertise, further establishing Brunei as a hub for untapped talent and creative minds.


In Brunei’s entertainment landscape, Progresif Sdn Bhd emerges as a formidable force with its latest and highly anticipated content offerings. In April 2023, Progresif Media unveiled Tiny Lounge 2.0 and four exclusive releases under the AITI’s Pitch and Produce Cycle 3 programme.

Tiny Lounge 2.0, a series backed by Makan Ceria Sdn Bhd and Sparks Co, features performances by Brunei’s emerging artistes in unique locations. Meanwhile, the Pitch and Produce Cycle 3 programme in collaboration with AITI is set to release new movies and series exclusively available on the Progresif Media platform. Progresif Media also recently introduced Kid’s Club, offering engaging and educational segments for children aged six to 13.

Visual arts

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) stands at the forefront of Brunei’s commitment to expanding the creative arts industry. Its dedication to cultivating a vibrant creative arts sector is evident through its comprehensive academic programmes, research initiatives, and collaborative endeavours with industry stakeholders.

UBD Design & Creative Industries (DCI) Graduation Exhibition known as ‘Spectrum 2023: Lumen’ returned for its third consecutive year in May 2023. The exhibition presented a revitalised aesthetic, a broader array of creatives, and an expanded scope across various creative fields.

Despite these enhancements, the overarching objective remains unchanged – to spotlight the talents cultivated by these students throughout their academic journey at UBD. Themed ‘LUMEN,’ drawing inspiration from the SI unit of luminous flux, Spectrum 2023 aspires to cast a radiant spotlight on emerging creatives, fostering an environment where they can flourish within the industry.


Fuelled by a blend of traditional influences and modern trends, Brunei’s fashion scene showcases a unique tapestry of designs that reflect the nation’s rich heritage.

Fashion events and exhibitions provide platforms for emerging talents to showcase their ingenuity, fostering a supportive environment for the growth of local brands.

One of the emerging local fashion brands is Bilang. In a follow-up to its previous 2022 fashion showcase in Bangkok, the fashion brand revealed its highly anticipated collection in November 2023 in Jakarta. The event was held at Pos Bloc, organised by Spotlight and the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) in collaboration with the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS), an independent association of designers.

Bilang’s Spring Summer 2024 collection comprises 12 meticulously curated outfits that transport onlookers to Brunei’s verdant exclave of Temburong District. The collection serves as a homage to the nation’s rich culture and rainforest that adorns the landscape, offering a thematic narrative embedded within its very name.

Also making waves is Fadzil Hadin, who made his mark with his collection at the Jakarta Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) in April 2023 in Indonesia.

Currently based in Dubai, he strives to elevate his fashion label to new heights, actively participating in international fashion shows to showcase his designs on a global platform. Fadzil boasts an impressive resume, having clinched the Best Designer Award from the Islamic Design Fashion Council in Torino, Italy. He made history as the first Bruneian featured at Milan Fashion Week 2018 and represented Brunei as a fashion ambassador during the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase.

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