As the COVID-19 situation in Brunei Darussalam is relatively stable, the country has further relaxed its travel measures. Effective September 2022, Brunei does not impose vaccination requirement to enter the country.

All foreign nationals arriving in Brunei through sea, air and land immigration control posts are required to register on the E-Arrival Card portal. Review and revision of travel requirements are subject to continuous risk assessment. Travellers may visit the Prime Minister’s Office website for further information on guidelines for entering the country.


Visitors aged 17 and above are allowed to carry the following items no more than the stated amount:
• Perfume: 60 millilitres
• Aromatic Water: 250 millilitres Alcoholic Beverages Non-Muslim visitors aged 17 and above are allowed to carry the following beverages for personal consumption:
• 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages (liquor)
• 12 cans of beer

It is compulsory for owners to declare imported drinks (liquor) to customs officers on duty at the points where drinks are imported.

Cigarette and Tobacco

Under the Customs Import Duties (Amendment) Order 2010 and Excise Duties (Amendment) Order 2010, cigarette/tobacco was excluded from Passenger’s Concession (Personal Effect). The new law was effective as of November 1, 2010.

Owners are required to declare any cigarette brought into the country, with duty to be paid at BND0.50 per stick. This is equivalent to BND10 per pack of 20 sticks of cigarettes, and BND100 for one carton of 10 packs.


Brunei imposed new laws pertaining to public smoking on March 1, 2012. Smoking is restricted in all enclosed public and work places, as well as sidewalks near business premises, areas within a six-metre radius of smoke-free buildings, public staircases, hospitals and clinics and within public transportations. This law applies to vaping or the inhaling and expelling of vapour from e-cigarettes as it falls under the definition of smoking according to the Tobacco Order 2005.


Drugs are strictly prohibited in Brunei. The Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA) is the main legislation for drug offences in Brunei Darussalam, covering a range of controlled drugs including narcotics and psychotropic substances. It stipulates that all drug offences are seizable and sentenceable offences. Those caught in possession of the following drugs higher than the amount stated face a mandatory death penalty:
• Methylamphetamine: 50g
• Diamorphine (heroin): 15g
• Morphine: 15g
• Opium: 1,200g
• Cannabis: 500g
• Cocaine: 30g


Passengers aged one year and above arriving from affected countries are required to attain yellow fever inoculations. As Brunei is free from malaria, cholera and smallpox, inoculations for these diseases are not required.

Local Time

Brunei time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +8:00). Currency Exchange Brunei’s currency, the Brunei dollar (BND), came into being on Monday, June 12, 1967 as issued by the Brunei Currency Board. The Board circulated notes in denominations of BND1, BND5, BND10, BND50 and BND100 to banks and the public, while withdrawing currency notes of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, reconstituted under the Malaya British Borneo Currency Agreement in 1960.

On the same day, Brunei and Singapore signed the Currency Interchangeability Agreement, which resulted in the BND being on par with the Singapore dollar (SGD). The agreement continues to serve both countries in facilitating trade and economic relations and is still in effect to this day.

The agreement results in both countries being able to integrate each other’s currency into their own respective economies. Deposits from the general public – including retailers – using either currency are accepted at banks. Thus, the Singapore currency is widely accepted across businesses in Brunei.

Currency exchange services are available throughout Brunei at banks, hotels, licensed money changers and the Brunei International Airport. Visitors who wish to cash or exchange traveller cheques in dominations of major currencies can do so at any major international bank located in the capital.


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