Every Sunday morning, the early risers will make their way to the capital for a run or partake in another form of healthy activity in the countless editions of Bandarku Ceria, also commonly known as BKC.

BKC offers Bruneians an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle outdoors without worrying about cars as the roads temporarily close. Regardless of fitness levels, people can make use of the long stretch of deserted roads to run, roller-blade, cycle or even for a leisurely stroll for most of the morning at a time when the heat is much lesser.

As health benefits intertwine with the camaraderie of friends and family, BKC stands as an emblem of Brunei’s commitment to holistic well-being, echoing the spirit of a community in motion.

The 80 Billion Steps Together initiative, conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2023, also serves as motivation for people to look after their health. In August 2023, the BruHealth app unveiled a new feature called ‘BN on the Move 2023’ aimed at fostering physical activity and well-being among the population. The initiative serves to encourage individuals to adopt a more active lifestyle by motivating them to walk more and boost their daily step count.

The BN on the Move 2023 feature expands upon the success of the previous year’s campaign, continuing its mission to promote physical activity across the nation. Participants can track their steps and log other forms of physical activities, including sports and aerobic exercises.

The programme introduces a range of challenges that individuals or teams can engage in, offering both digital and physical incentives upon reaching specific fitness targets. Individuals are inspired to make exercise a regular part of their routine while experiencing the camaraderie of group participation.

The ambitious nationwide challenge aimed to collectively accumulate 80 billion steps over the course of four months, culminating in December 2023. The challenge marked a significant step towards a more active and health-conscious Bruneian community.


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