The resurgence of cruise tourism in Brunei over the past year has marked a noteworthy trend. The Cruise Ship Centre at Muara Port welcomed multiple arrivals throughout 2023, exemplifying the pivotal role cruise ships play in elevating Brunei’s tourism sector.

In early March 2023, the Oceania Nautica made a momentous arrival, having journeyed from Cape Town, South Africa with 800 passengers and crew members. The Seven Seas Mariner, originating from Miami, Florida, made its port of call shortly afterwards. The ship carried 779 passengers, further contributing to the momentum.

The Oceania Insignia set sail in mid- May from Miami, Florida with 554 passengers, underscoring the growing allure of Brunei as a sought-after cruise destination.

In early November, the Norwegian Jewel made history with its maiden call, becoming the fourth cruise ship to visit Brunei in 2023. Originating from the Bahamas Island in the Caribbean, the Norwegian Jewel accommodated 2,302 passengers and 1,030 crew members.

These international cruise ship arrivals instil optimism about Brunei’s potential to establish itself as a mustvisit destination boasting rich cultural heritage, culinary delights, and pristine forests.

The Tourism Development Department at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism anticipates more cruise ships, solidifying Brunei’s attractiveness on the global cruise itinerary landscape.

Domestic tourism

In addition to gearing up for a surge in international arrivals, the Tourism Development Department has been actively fostering growth in domestic tourism.

Notable initiatives in this direction include the annual Brunei December Festival (BDF) and the Kenali Negara Kitani (KNK) or Know Our Country campaign. These strategic efforts aim to encourage local residents to explore and appreciate the attractions within their own country.

BDF as a strategic platform, fosters collaboration with local and international event management companies. This annual event serves as a means to showcase Brunei’s diverse attractions, spanning from local landmarks to natural wonders.

The KNK Carnival kicked off in July 2023 with over 80 local tourism packages and staycation on offer from local tourism service providers in preparation for the August school term holidays. Among the packages on offer included Explore Temburong Plus Canopy Tower Visit, Temburong ATV Rides and Adventure, Island Hopping, and Brunei Tour Island Discovery.


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